Wednesday, 28 February 2007

ZLXA Radio Reading Service, Levin 3935.04

Today's third QSL, and all by post, came from ZLXA Radio Reading Service, Levin. It took only 16 days to New Zealand and back. QSL card, personal letter, folder, schedule and some other stuff, all from Brian Stokoe, QSL Manager. Some highlights from his letter:

"Incidentally, the reader you heard was one of our volunteers, Pat Little, reading items from our local paper, the Levin Chronicle. We will tell her she is now famous!!"

"I am passing your "Kong15 Dx-pedition" picture on to the staff and although the temperature there may be a little much for most of us, the King Crab and Aquavit look very enjoyable!!"

A very nice radio station indeed!

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