Wednesday, 28 February 2007

ZLXA Radio Reading Service, Levin 3935.04

Today's third QSL, and all by post, came from ZLXA Radio Reading Service, Levin. It took only 16 days to New Zealand and back. QSL card, personal letter, folder, schedule and some other stuff, all from Brian Stokoe, QSL Manager. Some highlights from his letter:

"Incidentally, the reader you heard was one of our volunteers, Pat Little, reading items from our local paper, the Levin Chronicle. We will tell her she is now famous!!"

"I am passing your "Kong15 Dx-pedition" picture on to the staff and although the temperature there may be a little much for most of us, the King Crab and Aquavit look very enjoyable!!"

A very nice radio station indeed!

KWNA Winnemucca NV 1400

Nice, hand written letter, three business cards and two T-shirts from Rick Lohman, Program Director of KWNA Winnemucca NV. "Please feel free to write to me any time you catch our signal, and if you are ever in Northern Nevada, please stop by", he ends his letter.

KNDI Honolulu HI 1270

Nice, hand written letter from Char Kaikana (Mistress of Metal), two CD's with heavy metal music, 4 stickers, coverage map and some info from KNDI Honolulu HI 1270.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

4RO Rockhampton QLD 990

My 18th MW Australian arrived tonight - 4RO "The Voice of Central Queensland" in Rockhampton, Queensland.
Rockhampton is "The Beef Capital" of Australia, and is located just 40km from the Pacific Ocean, north of Brisbane.
It was a tremendous pleasure hearing this station during the fabulous KONG15 DXpedition, and an even greater pleasure to discover the station ID on my recording just a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, 26 February 2007

YVKH Radio Recuerdos 1300, Caracas 1300

Very nice email received today for my October 2nd 2005 reception of YVKH Radio Recuerdos 1300.

JOLC NHK-2 Tottori 1125

10 days of radio silence is a long time, but today I received a few QSL's. 14 days ago I sent reports to 7 different NHK-2 stations, and the first one replied today - JOLC NHK-2 Tottori 1125. This is the first QSL to Norway from this station.

Friday, 16 February 2007

CHWO Toronto ON 740

Replied via Ontario DX Association today with QSL card ("AM 740 prime time radio") and a lot of printed material. Thank you, Brian Smith! CHWO was probably the easiest North American I hadn't heard until I picked them up at Lista late January.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

2YB Access Radio, Wellington 783

One of my best QSLs ever, when Station Manager Kedron Parker last night confirmed my reception of "Wellington Access Radio 783 AM" (that's what their ID sounded like). He ends his email this way: "Bravo, and keep listening on your DX and also to our live webstream at We do not yet have a programme in Norwegian but if you create some audio maybe we'll play it!"
According to Arctic DX they already broadcast in Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Maori, Vietnamese, Tokelauan and Hindi in addition to English, so why not Norwegian too?

Monday, 12 February 2007

5PA ABC South East, Naracoorte SA 1161

Alan Richardson kindly confirms my reception of 5PA ABC South East, Naracoorte SA 1161, heard during the fantastic Pacific conditions we experienced on KONG15 in October 2006.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

WLOB Portland ME 1310

News-Talk WLOB surprised by sending an email confirmation on a Saturday. I heard this station at Lista late January, and JJ Jeffrey writes: "Since that high-powered station near you went off the air, we've been getting a lot of DX reception reports." With Kvitsøy still with 1200 kW on 1314 it was impossible to hear WLOB in Norway, but now it seems to have become quite a regular.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

2ME Radio Lebanon, Sydney NSW 1638

The same email also confirmed my reception of 2ME Radio Lebanon, Sydney NSW 1638, also heard during KONG13 in 2005.

2NTC Radio 16 NTC, Armidale NSW / Brisbane QLD 1638

I received a very short email late last night, right after Bjarne left, confirming my reception of 2NTC Radio 16 NTC 1638, heard during KONG13 in 2005.

WGHB Farmville NC 1250

During a dinner with my good friend Bjarne Mjelde I received a very nice email from mr. Bill Cope, confirming my reception of Pirate Radio 1250 WGHB, heard during my DXpedition to Lista late January. A very surprising and pleasant catch considered the rather noisy conditiones we experienced.
Tonight we enjoyed some nice Australian red wine and some Camus XO cognac as well, and maybe because of that I also received another email from the station - from the owner Troy Dreyfus. He writes: "In fact, I you are about the 4th person over the last year or so that has heard our station overseas!"
Mr. Bill Cope adds: "I have an amateur radio license, AF4RP, so I understand the importance of replying to a request for a QSL card. I am retired from the Voice of America Relay Station here in Greenville. If you have ever listened to VOA, you are probably aware of VOA Greenville."
Thank you guys!

Monday, 5 February 2007

KNSA Unalakleet AK 930

Rob Carpenter also confirmed my reception of KNSA Unalakleet AK 930: "The programming is definitely KDLG's and KNSA repeats us for most of their broadcast day. If you picked up programming on 930 am then you were listening to KNSA."

WAMG Dedham MA 890

890 ESPN Radio in Boston, also known as WAMG Dedham MA, confirmed my Lista reception of their station via email tonight. Program Director Len Weiner also promised me a separate letter in his very nice email.

Friday, 2 February 2007

CKPC Brantford ON 1380

Verification letter received by mail today from Stewart Bayley, Chief Engineer, as he promised me in an email on January 3rd. Thanks, Stew!

4DB Hot Country 1611, QLD 1611

28 minutes past midnight I got my QSL no. 4 in February, with an email from Geoff Speed, Station Manager of Radio 4VL (918 kHz) and Radio 4DB (1629). He now confirms my reception of "Hot Country 1611" in Queensland, where 4DB has four transmitters on 1611.
I asked if they have separate programming on 1611 and 1629 (because of the "Hot Country 1611" announcement), but this is not the case he said.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

KDLG Dillingham AK 670

I received a nice email from Rob Carpenter, General Manager/Engineer, late tonight, confirming my KONG15 reception of KDLG Dillingham AK. Heard with an excellent quality on October 22nd in Kongsfjord. First contact made with school superintendent Arne Watland, a Norwegian living in Dillingham. Thanks to both of you, guys!

CFFX Kingston ON 960

"Kingston's Fun Oldies - Oldies 960" was heard during my trip to Lista in southwestern Norway last weekend. Very nice email reply from Ray Bergstrom, Music Director/Supervisor, who said he also will drop a letter in the mail in the next few days. Nice guy and nice station!

HCOT1 Radio Zaracay, Santo Domingo de los Colorados 3395

Radio Zaracay never replied to me in the golden days of the 80'ies, but finally they did! Found an old recording last summer when Ecuador was playing in the World Football Championship and sent an email report, receiving a nice email back this afternoon after a few reminders.