Tuesday, 30 June 2009

KHAT Laramie WY 1210

KHAT was heard on October 24, 2008, during KONG18 in Kongsfjord; “This is ESPN Sports Radio for the south east Wyoming – 1210 KHAT, Laramie”.
Thanks to JPR for v/s info!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

DWIN Eagle Broadcasting Corp., Dagupan City 1080

Listening to AM radio stations from the Philippines can be very amusing, and on October 21, 2006, we experienced a short opening to the Philippines during KONG15. This was pre-SDR time, but I succeeded to hear two stations from Tagbilaran City (DYRD-1161 and DYTR-1116) in addition to DWIN-1080 from Dagupan City. DYAB-1512 and DWSS-1492 also were heard the same day.
Thanks to Geir Stokkeland for DWIN v/s info, and to Caesar F. Villadiego, Systems Engineer, for confirming my reception. Thanks also to Jeffrey Rivera for a very nice email.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

ZYJ457 Rádio MEC, Rio de Janeiro RJ 800

I remember Rádio MEC from the shortwave bands in the early 80'ies, but I never heard this station myself. Not until June 6, 2009, when I heard them on 800 kHz mediumwave.
I received an email with a confirmation and with four attachments (mp3 and pdf).

MW QSL #200 from South America.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

LT11 Radio General Francisco Ramírez, Villaguay ER 1560

"... LT11, AM 1560, Radio General Francisco Ramírez, la radio del Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios, Argentina ..." was heard on June 9, 2009. Nice, and so was the email I received from Miguel Angel Rizzo on June 11.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

LV27 Radio San Francisco, San Francisco CO 1050

LV27 Radio San Francisco, from the city of San Francisco in the Córdoba province, moved from 1440 to 1050 short time ago, and was captured at our listening post at Smøla on June 6, 2009.
Thanks a lot to Daniel Suárez for a very nice email confirming my reception!

KSDN Aberdeen SD 930

QSL #750 from USA

KJJQ Volga SD 910

NA #950