Tuesday, 23 June 2009

DWIN Eagle Broadcasting Corp., Dagupan City 1080

Listening to AM radio stations from the Philippines can be very amusing, and on October 21, 2006, we experienced a short opening to the Philippines during KONG15. This was pre-SDR time, but I succeeded to hear two stations from Tagbilaran City (DYRD-1161 and DYTR-1116) in addition to DWIN-1080 from Dagupan City. DYAB-1512 and DWSS-1492 also were heard the same day.
Thanks to Geir Stokkeland for DWIN v/s info, and to Caesar F. Villadiego, Systems Engineer, for confirming my reception. Thanks also to Jeffrey Rivera for a very nice email.

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Geir said...

Congrats! I recently received email contact addresses for DZME Manila, as well, will have a go.