Friday, 14 August 2009

HJBX Ondas del Meta, Villavicencio 1170

LU10 Radio Azul, Azul BA 1320

According to my books I heard LU10 Radio Azul tentatively back in 1981. Then the station was absent until I heard them again this summer, this time with a 100% identification. After some efforts I received not only one but two different emails confirming my reception, from Mirta and from Julio Fernández.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

LT39 Radio Victoria, Victoria ER 980

When a station from Argentina can be heard on 980 kHz, where Rádio Nacional de Brasília rules, stations from Argentina can be heard everywhere! The date for this specific happening was July 30, 2009, and for a few seconds the signal was really impressive: “LT39 AM 980 ... ...".
A most welcome email from Angel Enrique confirmed my reception.

QSL #600 from Latin America - MW QSL #50 from Argentina

CB73 Radio Cooperativa, Valparaiso 730

Another fantastic experience from Chile, also heard on August 8, was CB73 Radio Cooperativa from Valparaiso! Pablo Phillips confirmed my reception, this time with an email in Spanish: "Estimado Arnstein:
Primero lo felicito por su excelente Español. Tu carta está muy bien escrita.
Efectivamente la grabación corresponde a programación emitida por Radio Cooperativa. Si fue recibida en 730 KHZ corresponde a nuestra estación CB73 de Valparaíso.
Me interesa saber con que equipos recibieron nuestras señales.
Saludos cordiales,"

CV160 Radio Continental, Pando 1600

Radio Continental is my second Uruguayan station on 1600 kHz, and was heard on July 7 during my latest visit to the island of Smøla. After a reception report and a few reminders I received a confirmation from Julio Cesar Dodera Etchichuri. Muchas gracias!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

ZYH887 Rádio Educadora do Maranhão, São Luis MA 560

Rádio Educadora do Maranhão is heard on 560 every now and then, but rarely with a good signal. But on July 10 the signal was more than good enough for a reception report: “... Identificação: ... da Rádio Educadora do Maranhão, frequência 560 quilohertz onda média, potência 25 kilowatt ... São Luis, capitão do estado do Maranhão ... Brasil. Transmição ...
I received a 9 MB email with 6 jpg files attached from Raissa Farias Rodrigues Ferreira to confirm my reception. Nice!

Monday, 10 August 2009

CB124 Radio Universidad de Santiago, Santiago 1240

Their audio quality was a real challenge, but on August 8 - by the way a great day for hearing mediumwave stations from Chile - I could hear a decent ID before close down 3 minutes after local midnight: "... Radio Universidad de Santiago. Sintoniza … 94.5 FM, 124 AM ... en ...".
Thanks to Juan Rojas S. for a most welcome verification!

CB76 Radio Cooperativa, Santiago 760

CB76 Radio Cooperativa was heard on July 31, and my reception was most kindly confirmed by my good friend Pablo Phillips:
"Indeed, the signal you recorded corresponds to our AM station in Santiago. We broadcast with a 50 KW solid state Nautel transmistter. The antenna is a single 156 meter vertical mast. In this mast our station and Radio Nuevo Mundo station that transmits in 930 KHZ are duplexed".
And there was more to come from this fascinating DX target the next days ..!

Friday, 7 August 2009

LT8 Radio Rosario, Rosario SF 830

An email from Claudio Raul Cassiraga with heading "ESCUCHA LT8" confirmed my July 13 reception of LT8 Radio Rosario in a most perfect way.

LU32 Radio Coronel Olavarría, Olavarría BA 1160

Identifying only as "AM 1160" this station was kind of a mystery for several weeks, until Henrik Klemetz listened to a recording and used his investigation skills.
Having found the correct station, the reply from Luis Occhi, Gerente de Programación y Producción, came quickly. He attached a perfect QSL letter and two sound clips, of the station ID and of their signing off ceremony.
Thank you, Henrik, and thank you, Luis!

LU32 is another great memory from this fantastic DX summer!

LRA42 Radio Nacional Gualeguaychú, Gualeguaychú ER 1310

LRA42 Radio Nacional Gualeguaychú was heard on the fabulous day of July 13, and is another nice station from the province of Entre Rios heard in Norway this summer. Tuning to their exact frequency I could hear “... de LRA42 Radio Nacional Gualeguaychú, Provincia de Entre Rios, República Argentina. ... 1310 Amplitudo Modulada ... Muy buena noche”. A nice email from Silvia Rivollier confirmed my reception.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

ZYF276 Rádio Municipal, São Gabriel da Cachoeira AM 3375

First time I heard this station, on 22 September 2002, they were called Rádio Nacional de São Gabriel da Cachoeira. Next time, on 18 September 2004, the named had changed to Rádio Municipal de São Gabriel da Cachoeira.
After a handful of air mail letters without response I sent a reminder by email in the end of July, and today I got a friendly email back with a confirmation and with three pictures attached.