Saturday, 26 July 2008

Radio Milne Bay, Alotau 3365

Milela Gisawa, Director Provincial Radio, kindly confirmed my 22 October 2004 reception of Radio Milne Bay - The Voice of Kula - in a very nice letter I received by post today.

Friday, 18 July 2008

KLYC McMinnville OR 1260

Today I discovered another nice station on my KONG17 recordings from 22 October 2007. A clear "KLYC" ID was heard on 1260, before CFRN and European stations became too strong. 14 minutes later I received a very nice email from Stella Bohnsack, confirming my reception.
"My husband, Larry, and I own and operate the station as Radio for Yamhill County. It's 1,000kw daytime and 850 night. We play a unique mix of fun oldies music. If you ever happen to pick up the signal again in the fall, you might hear a college or high school football game.
We don't have a photo to enclose, but then Larry's mother told him he had the perfect face for radio anyway", Stella ends her email. Funny girl :-)

KLYC is my Oregon QSL no. 20 from KONG17, and my QSL no. 750 from North America (USA (ex. HI) and Canada, MW only).