Friday, 30 September 2011

ZYI542 Rádio Floresta, Tucuruí PA 1500

LRA14 Radio Nacional Santa Fé, Santa Fé SF 540

José Zenclussen kindly confirmed my July 25 reception of Radio Nacional Santa Fé. This was one of the best nights this summer, and gave me a good handful of new stations from Argentina and Brazil.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

ZYN210 Rádio Vitoriosa, Uberlândia MG 1390

Last week I examined a recording from July 19, finding an interesting signal from Brazil on 1390 kHz. The signal was good, but I heard no regular ID - just an announcement mentioning "1390". I sent a mp3 to Henrik Klemetz asking for help, and it didnt' take more than minutes until Henrik came back with the solution: the announcement was for a show named "Noite Vitoriosa".
Their web site - - came up with a lot of contact info, and today I received an email from Paulo Azevedo, kindly confirming my reception.

This was my QSL #50 from Latin America in 2011. Thank you Paulo - and Henrik!