Tuesday, 31 March 2009

WGVA Geneva NY 1240

WGVA surfaced with a nice signal early in the night of 19 October 2008. Like WFLR 1570 and WAUB 1590 they belong to the Finger Lakes Radio Group, and thanks to Alan Bishop for once again confirming my reception of one of their stations!

WIAN Ishpeming MI 1240

About an hour later than WGVA was heard, WIAN gave a weak identification on 1240. Great work by OJ Sagdahl finding this station, and a tremendous job by Program Director Eric Tasson aka 'Ryan Erickson' verifying our reception reports is the background for this great confirmation.

WMTR Morristown NJ 1250

24 January 2009 was the date of my reception of WMTR. Chris Edwards confirmed this in a short email.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

CMAP Radio Guamá, Bahía Honda 1020

Radio Guamá was heard on 2 December 2008. Today I received a nice email confirming this reception. Cuban AM radio stations certainly can be a lot more exciting than Reloj and Rebelde!

Friday, 27 March 2009

WTAG Worcester MA 580

15 January 2009 was a fine day and also the day for my first logging of WTAG - "The Voice From The Heart of the Commonwealth". This station went on the air with 100 watts on 1120 kHz on 10 May 1924.
Today I received by post this scanned & printed QSL card, an information sheet and a note from Dan Kelleher. Thanks a lot!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

CB100 BBN Radio, Santiago 1000

13 March 2009 had signals from many parts of Latin America, but not many exciting ones I'm afraid. But BBN Radio on 1000 was a quite new one to me. Meaning that first time I heard "BBN Radio" on 1000 kHz I didn't figure out which station it was, after consulting only the WRTH. This time I used Google, and found that BBN Radio has a station in Santiago, Chile, on 1000 kHz.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

HJIJ La Voz del Raza, Medellín 1200

La Voz del Raza was heard a few hertz off 1200 kHz in December and January - my best reception was on 25 December 2008. Jose Omar Fuentes Machado, Gerente, kindly confirmed my reception in a nice email. Thanks also to Rolf Torvik for pulling my attention to this station!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

KCFR Denver CO 1340

"KCFR is part of a larger network of 3 AM and 8 FM stations owned by Colorado Public Radio that provide either "news and information" or "classical" music. KCFR is not only the call letters for our Denver station but also a "brand name" for our news and information format. KCFR operates at a power of 1 kW, non-directional both day and night" Allen Stewart writes in his very nice email, also confirming my 25 October 2008 (KONG18) reception of this station. Thank you, Al! Thanks also to OJ Sagdahl for information.

WXCE Amery WI 1260

WXCE is another station from KONG17 - heard on 15 October 2007 to be exact. Several emails were sent from Trondheim to Amery with no result, but finally OJ Sagdahl found a person who kindly confirmed my reception. Thanks!

Monday, 23 March 2009

KJFK Reno NV 1230

KJFK is a KONG17 logging, heard on 13 October 2007. This station belongs to "Americom Broadcasting", which were the only words heard with a fair quality on my recording. Thanks to Stephen Weber and to OJ Sagdahl.

Friday, 20 March 2009

WNLK Norwalk CT 1350

WNLK is a great logging, and this station was heard at Kalvøya, Smøla, on 18 January 2009. Clark Burgard confirmed my reception by sending this QSL as an attachment to his email. Thanks to OJ Sagdahl as well!

WWRV New York NY 1330

On 19 January 2009 I finally managed to hear Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional on 1330 during conditions to the east coast of the USA. "We have 3 [stations on 1330]. Our main 1330 here in New jersey, our 1330 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or our 1330 in Cuenca, Ecuador. They all broadcast the same exact programming in the early morning hours when you made the recording." Thanks to Peter Polanco for confirming my reception and to OJ Sagdahl for the help.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

KIIX Fort Collins CO 1410

For once a station heard during KONG18 - KIIX was heard on 25 October which was one of the better days during this DXpedition. KIIX had been on my list for a while.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

KCOX Jasper TX 1350

1350 has been among the most interesting frequencies this season, and one of a number of new stations is KCOX in Jasper, Texas.
The ID sounded " ... 102.7 KTXJ" because of a relay of their FM station.
A very nice logging, and this station was on my "most wanted" list for verifications until today when they were included in my collection as QSL #15 from Texas. Thanks to OJ Sagdahl for the contact info!

WITY Danville IL 980

14 January 2009 gave me WITY on 980, and Production Director Bill Collins sent me a nice email to confirm my reception today. Thanks!

CHTO Toronto ON 1690

KONG18 also gave me CHTO 1690 AM, which was heard on 24 October 2008. Their web is www.am1690.ca, and we can find the following information on the station: "Catering primarily to the Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto, AM 1690 offers 21 hours of Greek oriented programming per day. AM 1690 also offers programming in Armenian, Bulgarian, English, Romanian and Serbian languages". Thanks again to OJ Sagdahl for contact information.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

KIHR Hood River OR 1340

20 October 2008 was the date for this KONG18 logging. Thanks to Jeff Skye for a nice email confirming my reception, and to OJ Sagdahl for providing all necessary information.

Friday, 13 March 2009

KAOK Lake Charles LA 1400

This very nice radio station was heard on 18 January 2009! "I am pleased to confirm your reception report for KAOK 1400 Lake Charles Louisiana. KAOK-AM operates at a maximum output power of 1,000 watts and is owned and operated by Cumulus Media LLC" Operation Manager Eric Nielson writes in a very nice email. Thanks for this great confirmation, Eric!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WKLJ Sparta WI 1290

A most welcome email today confirmed my 1 October 2008 reception of WKLJ. Thanks a lot to General Manager William Hoffman for the confirmation and to Tuomo Ahonen for the contact information.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

HJAK Voz de la Patria Celestial, Barranquilla 1310

Not very exciting conditions observed the last few weeks, but on 9 March I heard Voz de la Patria Celestial on 1309,7 kilohertz - a new one to me. MW QSL #40 from Colombia. Thanks a lot to Ivan Daniel Giraldo Ortegon, Gerente, for a nice email confirming my reception, and to Pekka Kostiainen for leading me to the correct email address.

WKJG Fort Wayne IN 1380

Another new station from 24 january was WKJG - Fort Wayne's ESPN Radio 1380. An email with a "DX letter" attached confirmed my reception. WKJG is perhaps not the most smashing call in the industry?
Thanks to Jack Didier, Director of Engineering, and to Dan Mandis.

Monday, 9 March 2009

WBZT West Palm Beach FL 1230

24 January was one of the better days this season, and a new station to me this day was 1230 WBZT - The Talk Station. It was my third Floridan on 1230. Interesting information from the confirming email: "This is an impressive catch given the fact that WBZT is having transmitter difficulty and running only 500 watts. Also, there is a second transmitter for WBZT located 55 km to the south which runs at 800 watts. The two carriers are locked together by GPS and the audio is synchronized at the midpoint".

Saturday, 7 March 2009

WAUB Auburn NY 1590

WAUB is another station which had been on my list of expected loggings for a while, and this finally took place on 24 january. Thanks to Alan Bishop for confirming my reception - on a Saturday!

Friday, 6 March 2009

WMRE Charles Town WV 1550

MW QSL #900 from North America, and what a station! CE Mark Kesner writes: "Thanks. It’s neat to get some DX reports. I don’t very often since we are at a 5-6 watt power level after sundown. I did check and we did not have any malfunction so what you heard was truly QRP. Your SDR is doing a great job". I'd also mention the antenna, engineered by Rolf Torvik, and his QTH by the sea :-) This station was heard on 1 February 2009.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

WUST Washington DC 1120

"New World Radio, the multicultural voice of the nation's capital" is a real daytimer, reaching our antenna at Smøla in the evening of 24 January. My reception was confirmed quickly in a short email tonight.

KODI Cody WY 1400

“KODI AM Cody Wyoming” was presented with a decent signal on the top of the hour late in the morning on 23 January. Tamara Miller was happy to confirm my reception, and also gave me my QSL no. 700 from an US MW station! Thanks, Tam!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

WHTK Rochester NY 1280

Sportsradio 1280 WHTK was heard on 3 February 2009, and minutes ago I received an email confirming my reception.

HJZT Radio Sensación, Manizales 1570

A long and extremly nice email from Alberto Bermudez Osorio, Director, confirmed my 10 March 2007 reception of Radio Sensación. Alberto also attached photos of him and his lovely wife Claudia María, from their wedding and from the city of Manizales.
Thanks a lot for a fantastic reply, Alberto, and thanks to Pekka Kostiainen for contact information.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

WHCU Ithaca NY 870

Today - at last - I found News Talk 870 WHCU! The recording was made on 16 December 2008 which was a rather enjoyable day for hearing stations from the state of New York.