Wednesday, 29 August 2007

CKBC Bathurst NB 1360

CKBC Bathurst NB 1360 moved to FM and closed down their MW transmitter a few years ago, so it was nice adding them to my collection tonight when John LeBlanc, Program Supervisor on MAX 104.9 FM, confirmed my 18 October 2001 (KONG6) reception of CKBC. He ends his email like this:
Things have changed a bit around here since then. We are now MAX 104.9 FM, Playing Today's Best Music. I'm going to send some MAX items to you in the mail, including our Cling-on window sticker. And if you want to hear MAX anytime, it's easier than ever! Visit our website and click on the listen live link.
It's always good to hear from fans, no matter where they are!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

WSDS Salem Township MI 1480

This night, shile sleeping in my car waiting for conds at the Jervan QTH, I received a short email from Sima Birach, confirming my reception of WSDS Salem Township MI 1480.
Thanks a lot!

Monday, 27 August 2007

WXNT Indianapolis IN 1430

WXNT Indianapolis IN is not the most common station on 1430, with its superdominants KLO and KEZW. I heard them last October during KONG15, but I didn't find out until today when I listened to a 160-minute-long minidisc recording of 1430 kHz.
I just received a very nice reply from Scott Sands, the Director of Operations and Programming in Entercom Indianapolis WZPL/WNTR/WXNT. I'd like to publish his letter here:
"Wow, thanks for your note. I haven't done a QSL verification in years. I thought it was a dead hobby; so, it's good to know it's still a livingtradition for broadcast radio fans worldwide. I'm flattered to haveWXNT-AM/Indianapolis included on your DX list.
All the best from Indianapolis and the staff of Newstalk 1430-AM, Scott"

L... Radio Baluarte, Puerto Iguazú 6215

Finally I received a verification from this little Argentinian station. Thanks to pastor Pablo Lima who sent me an email today.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

WDDY Albany NY 1460

In just a few minutes Rob Thompson kindly confirmed my reception of Radio Disney AM 1460 after I sent a reminder tonight. The station was heard in February 2004 on the island of Smøla.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

KKLF Richardson TX 1700

KKLF is not among the most common stations on 1700, which usually is dominated by KVNS and XEPE. But patience often pays off, and a few days ago, while examining recordings from KONG15 last year, I found several "570 KLIF" identifications on 1700 kHz.
Thanks to Vice President/Market Manager Dan Bennett and to Hubert (Hue) Beavers for confirming my reception!

DYAB ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network, Cebu City 1512

I heard DYAB 1512 for the first time in October 1998 during the KONG3 DXpedition, and again last year during KONG15. DX'ing the Philippines fascinates me a lot, so I sent a reception report for the 2006 reception as well. This time, in the era of email, I even received a verification! Thank you very much, Leo Lastimosa - DYAB Manager!

Friday, 17 August 2007

CMKO Radio Angulo, Holguín 740

I received an email today, with a letter attached confirming my November 4th 2005 (QTH Lista) reception of CMKO Radio Angulo 740. Thank you Isbel Méndez Avila! He also sent me another email a few days later.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

WDFN Detroit MI 1130

WDFN Detroit MI 1130 is quite hard to hear in Norway due to all the dominant stations on 1130, but on October 20 2006 during KONG15 I got them quite early in the night. Thanks to Randy Auerbach, Director of Engineering at Clear Channel Radio - Detroit, for confirming my reception tonight.

DYRD Bohol Chronicle Radio, Tagbilaran City 1161

In a very nice email today Jerome J. Auza confirms my 21 October 2006 (KONG15) reception of DYRD AM. The station was heard with a good signal at sign off at 1516 UTC, 11 minutes after I heard another station from Tagbilaran, DYTR 1116, closing down.
DYRD AM can also be found at

Monday, 13 August 2007

ZYK686 Rádio Eldorado, São Paulo SP 700

A very nice attachment just arrived with an email from Brazil, where Geraldo Nunes kindly confirmed my reception of Rádio Eldorado, São Paulo 700, heard during KONG15 in October last year. Thanks both to you, Geraldo, and to Ulysses Galletti. And of course to Bjarne Mjelde for providing this information.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Voice of Nevis, Charlestown 895

Very nice letter by air mail from VON Radio, Charletown 895, came during my holidays. The letter was written and signed by Michelle Rodriques, Junior Radio Announcer/News Reporter on this lovely radio station. "Mr. Bue, we are impressed by your report, as it is for the most part accurate. We thank you for listening to the VON Radio, The Power House of the Eastern Caribbean [...]". They also sent me a hurricane map.

This verification was most wanted, and it's my QSL no. 40 from Latin America this year making 2007 my best season ever regarding LA DX!