Thursday, 31 May 2007

KLSQ Whitney NV 870

Dana Demerjian, GM Univision Radio Las Vegas, kindly confirmed my reception of "Recuerdos 870" after checking my reception report with their engineer.
Thanks a lot, Dana!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

CMJS Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila 930

Finally a QSL in my inbox again, after weeks without. Tonight, while I was downtown having a beer with my good friend Ole Forr, I received a nice email from CMJS Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila 930. Not the most perfect verie I've seen, but the news about my reception on the front page of their web today certainly is a perfect verification: (It's me to the left, Fidel Castro to the right and Hugo Chávez below).

Monday, 14 May 2007

KKFN Denver CO 950

I received a very nice reply tonight from Gary Nakashima, just a few days after I sent my 2004 reception report. Thanks to Ole Forr for providing his name.

Monday, 7 May 2007

CMKV Radio Rebelde, Urbano Noris 600

Lic. Agustín Taqeuchel Campos also confirms my reception of CMKV Radio Rebelde, Urbano Noris 600, which I actually heard during KONG15 last year.

CMW Radio Rebelde, La Julia 710

Nice email tonight from Lic. Agustín Taqeuchel Campos - Editor Jefe, Sitio Web, Radio Rebelde - confirms my reception of CMW Radio Rebelde 710. I heard this station during my first visit to Lista, in November 2005.

HJVA Vida AM, Santafé de Bogotá 1130

The same email (see HJLI) also confirms my March 10th 2007 reception of HJVA Vida AM 1130.
Muchas gracias, Bibiana Amézquita!

HJLI Vida AM Música, Santafé de Bogotá 1520

Long and very friendly email tonight from Bibiana Amézquita, confirming my March 11th 2007 reception at Smøla. Their web is

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Radio 4VEH, Cap-Haïtien 840

Rev. Storly Michel, 4VEH General Manager, today confirmed my reception of Radio 4VEH 840. I heard this exotic station during my latest visit to Smøla early March.
I heard Radio 4VEH on 11835 in 1980, when they still were on shortwave.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

YVWP Radio Apolo, Turmero 1320

Very nice email tonight from Dalila Fuentes, confirming my reception of YVWP Radio Apolo 1320. She attached an announcement (mp3) and a program schedule (xls). Radio Apolo was founded on 5 March 1971, but wasn't easy to pick up here when NRK Kvitsøy still was on the air with their 1200 kW on 1314. Heard them first time in 1985, but no QSL then.

CMAQ Radio Reloj, Pinar del Río 790

Not easy to get a verification from those Cubans nowadays, but today I got two in the same email after a reminder sent yesterday. This was very nice indeed!

CM.. Radio Reloj, La Habana 950

"Usted ha escuhado a Radio Reloj, emisora de la hora y las noticias que el próximo 1 de julio cumplirá 60 años de fundada. ..."

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

HISV Radio Senda, San Pedro de Macorís 1680

"Son correctos los Datos dados por usted, gracias por el reporte, y bendiciones para usted y familia. a la vez le invito que visite y asi conoceras mas de nosotros. Bye"

I found this nice email from Daniel Muñoz when I woke up this morning. I didn't go to bed early, so he must have been working very late. Muchas gracias, Daniel!