Saturday, 29 November 2008

WTUX Madison WI 1550

WTUX was one of the nice daytimers we heard on 23 October 2003, with a fair signal for a few minutes competing with CBE Windsor ON. A very nice station - check out their web page at Thanks for the confirmation!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

WIOU Kokomo IN 1350

Two very nice emails confirmed my 23 October 2008 reception. Thanks a lot!

Monday, 24 November 2008

KSPZ Ammon ID 980

La Super Caliente was another new station I heard on 25 October 2008, and after a few reminders I received an email confirming this.
Their home page can be found at

Friday, 21 November 2008

CKBX 100 Mile House BC 840

KXNT was super dominant on 840 on 25 October, but suddenly I heard a promo for a country&western station which could be CKBX The Wolf. I sent them an email to ask, and to my luck they recognized the promo to be for their "... country gold show that runs on the wolf weekends". Thanks!

KFTA Rupert ID 970

After a few reminders I received a nice email from Lee Family Broadcasting Inc., confirming my 25 October 2008 reception of La Fantastica 970 AM.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

KBGG Des Moines IA 1700

AM 1700 The Champ was heard on 23 October 2008, bur for the first time on 24 October 2004. And when I received info from OJ Sagdahl I also received an email from Des Moines confirming my reception. Thanks!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

CJLO Montréal QC 1690

CJLO - Concordia's Underground Radio - is one of my favorutes! Check out their web at This is a very fascinating station - I'd like to quote from the email I received, also confirming my 19 October 2008 reception:
"We’ve been operating as an online only station since 2003. Over the past four years, we’ve been working towards getting permission and funding for our AM broadcast. After several setbacks and delays, we were finally able to turn our 1kw transmitter on in September. As it stands, we are the only campus/university radio on AM in Montreal, though there are two others (at McGill University and Université de Montréal) on FM."

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

WBNS Columbus OH 1460

1460 The Fan is an excellent radio station with very friendly people. 23 October was the far best evening during KONG18, and one of the stations heard in Kongsfjord around local sunset in the US was WBNS on 1460.
The quick and kind response makes WBNS a memorable station. Thank you, gentlemen!

KRZI Waco TX 1660

1660 ESPN was heard in the morning of 20 October 2008, and today I recevied and email with information on all their stations and confirmation of my reception of KRZI.

MW QSL #800 from North America!
(Canada and USA, ex. Hawaii)

KSEI Pocatello ID 930

ESPN 930 KSEI was heard both during KONG17 last year and during KONG18. A nice email today confirmed my 25 October 2008 reception.

Monday, 17 November 2008

WCHP Champlain NY 760

Brandi, the female voice I heard in the sign off announcement at 6.16 pm EST, confirmed my 23 October 2008 (KONG18) reception of WCHP in a nice email I received today. We have tried hearing this station the latest seasons, without success, but now we got'em. Thanks Brandi, for the confirmation!

Radio Samoa, Auckland 1593

Radio Samoa was heard on 1592,98 kHz on 15 October 2007 during the great New Zealand conditions we experienced on the KONG17 DXpedition. Radio Samoa broadcast for the Samoan Community in New Zealand, and its philosophy is: "a well informed community is an empowered community". The station broadcasts predominantly in the Samoan language with English commercials and music from time to time. They have a nice web at
My email probably didn't reach Radio Samoa (I might be wrong - read on), and my two reception reports via air mail didn't get much attention either. Late September I contacted Bryan Clark, who now has retired to his 'antenna farm' in Mangawhai, 110 km from Auckland. He said he would go to Auckland in November, and offered to bring my reception report and recording and see if he could locate the offices of the station.

Here is the very interesting email Bryen sent me yesterday: "I visited the broadcasting studios of Radio Samoa 1593AM on Friday. I located them in an old nondescript building in Mount Eden, an inner city suburb of Auckland, about 6km from where I am staying.
The administrative offices are located in South Auckland, about 25km south (this is where your original letter went to), and I thought my chances of finding a sympathetic staff member would be greater at an operational studio.There was minimal signage to direct me to the Radio Samoa studios but I could hear noise upstairs, so I climbed some stairs and found a large 1593AM sign plus some very small signs for Radio Southern Cross – I think this is an Asian language broadcaster that buys air time on 1593AM.
After tapping on a window, a Samoan man came out and I explained my mission to him. His English language skills were only average but he seemed interested, taking me into a small studio to play the CD recording I had made of your MP3 clips. Another technical person was in the studio (a European) and he said he was aware that the station had received some emailed reports from Europe in the past.
The music in your recordings was confirmed as Samoan, and as soon as he heard the spoken announcements he said, yes, that’s us!
I asked ‘Do you have a letterhead or car sticker or other station literature that we can write a short message of confirmation on?’ Unfortunately the answer was no, so the only option left was to get him to write a short statement on your own letter. I told him to keep the CD and reception report -he said he was sure that the station manager would be interested to hear the recording.
As a DXer, I was disappointed that I couldn't secure a better form of QSL for you, but the station and its niche ethnic audience are not wealthy. We return home tomorrow, so I will organise the mailing of your 'signed letter' later in the week."

Bryan scanned the letter and sent it by email as well, giving me one of the better QSLs from the great KONG17 DXpedition. Thank you very much, Bryan, for your efforts in helping a fellow DX-er. Anyone can learn a lot from this.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

KARI Blaine WA 550

Previously unheard in the Nordic countries, according to KOJE, KARI was heard both by Bjarne Mjelde the day before KONG18 and by ENOX10 the day we left Kongsfjord. Therefore it was no big surprise, but anyhow a big pleasure, to find two KARI identifications during one hour of listening to my recordings from 25 October. I received an email today with a QSL letter attached. Thanks!

KBBO Selah WA 980

After KBBO - Talk 980 K-USA - was heard both on ENOX10 and AND3, I knew this station most likely was heard during KONG18 too. I didn't take too long on the 25 October recordings until I found them, and with info from Tuomo Ahonen I also got a very nice email from Yakima confirming my reception.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

WLOU Louisville KY 1350

This radio station was heard on 26 September 2008, and was first discovered by my good friend and best man OJ Sagdahl on his Smøla recordings. Fortunately I covered this frequency this excellent morning for NA DX, when WLOU was heard with a strong and clear signal for a few minutes. It took some time to find a person at the station who could confirm the reception, but now it's OK and my third Kentucky station is a fact.

WTCM Traverse City MI 580

"WTCM AM operates sun up to sundown at 50kw, the rest of the day we broadcast at 1.1kw. In October we power down at 7pm."
I heard WTCM at 7 pm, must have been just seconds before they powered down.

WRRD Waukesha WI 1510

WRRD has changed to ESPN Deportes Radio, and was heard on KONG18 at 6 pm CDT on 23 October 2008. Today I received a very nice email confirming my reception.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

KLAD Klamath Falls OR 960

Country Legends 960 became a target for me after our good friend Tuomo Ahonen (TuA) heard them on ENOX10. I spent some time on 960 in my 25 October 2008 recordings, and suddenly KLAD was there with their country & western music under the dominant ESPN station. I heard their sister station KAGO 1150 back in year 2000.

Monday, 10 November 2008

KDZA Pueblo CO 1350

KDZA has been on my list for a while. I finally picked them up from my location at Kalvøya, Smøla, on 6 November at 3.00 am MST. "Yes, that was our station. We are currently this month operating at 5 KW from 5:45 am to 5:30 PM. At night we are at 280 watts." Thanks for the confirmation!

KSFN North Las Vegas NV 1140

Another nice station heard on 25 October 2008 was SportsRadio 1140 - heard with just a "Here on" ID.

KBIS Forks WA 1490

KBIS 1490 Classic Hit Country was heard in the morning of 25 October 2008 near the end of the KONG18 DXpedition. A nice email confirmed my reception in just two minutes this afternoon.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

KBEW Blue Earth MN 1560

I have to admit I hadn't even heard about neither KBEW nor Blue Earth until I discovered this daytime radio station mote or less by accident when I was hunting for a fair signal from KGOW. An excellent catch, and probably one of the best from KONG18 so far.
QSL #600 from USA

KXRO Aberdeen WA 1320

KXRO - the oldest station in the area celebrating 80 years this year - kindly confirmed my 25 October 2008 (KONG18) reception tonight.
QSL #60 from WA

YVYE Enlace 860, Valle de la Pascua 860

First time I heard Enlace 860 was during my visit to Rolf Torvik at his DX paradise Kalvøya late August this year. I didn't find no email address to the station, so my reception report had to go by air mail. To my great surprise and pleasure I received an email perfectly confirming my reception!

WKAR East Lansing MI 870

WKAR is one of the very best from KONG18 so far, heard the last minute before they signed off on 23 October 2008. A very nice email confirmed the reception.

WVJS Owensboro KY 1420

A short email confirmed my 23 October 2008 reception of WVJS.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

WCTS Maplewood MN 1030

WCTS was heard right after 2300 UTC on 23 October 2008. It was around local sunset and WBZ had a fade, making the WCTS signal quite good for a short period. A very nice email confirmed my reception.

KGOW Bellaire TX 1560

1560 THE GAME was another station on my most wanted list for the KONG18, because they had been heard on daytime power by several DX'ers in Scandinavia this autumn. I heard KGOW before 23 UTC on 23 October, and a nice email confirmed my reception.

WKCW Warrenton VA 1420

LaLey 1420 was heard early in the evening on 23 October 2008, among a lot of other very interesting east coast US radio stations.

Monday, 3 November 2008

WTSO Madison WI 1070

ESPN Radio 1070 AM WTSO was a pleasure to hear on 1070, because I have been looking for them for a while. Heard on KONG18 during an early and very eventful opening on 23 October 2008. The signal peaked for a short period during sunset in Wisconsin.

KFNW West Fargo ND 1200

KFNW was on my most wanted list prior to KONG18, so it was nice to hear them on 19 October. Thanks a lot to Gary L. Ellingson for the confirmation and for a long and very nice letter!