Thursday, 31 January 2008

KCHU Valdez AK 770

It's nice to finally hear stations you have been looking for for a long time, and this happened when I heard KCHU Valdez AK 770 on 15 October 2007. General Manager Danny Sparrell sent me an email, confirming this KONG17 reception. I support US public radio stations, and KCHU is a very nice one. Thanks, Danny!

WJON Saint Cloud MN 1240

I discovered WJON 1240 AM on my SDR recordings from KONG17 just a few days ago, and tonight I received a nice email from Chief Engineer Mark Young, confirming my 17 October 2007 reception.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Radio Brisvaani, Brisbane 1701

Late in the evening I received a very nice email from Jatish Puran, Managing Director of Radio Brisvaani 1701AM PTY LTD, confirming my reception of Radio Brisvaani on 13 October 2007 (KONG17): "[...] It was definitely radio Brisvaani that you were listening to. I also played it on air to let my listeners know that we reach so far".
On 15 January Jatish Puran phoned me, and I was interviewed live on his morning show. Very nice! The station has a live feed and a nice web page: Thanks a lot, Jatish!

KPDQ Portland OR 800

Finally I also got this one - another one of the nice west coast stations heard during good conditions in the lower AM band on 22 October 2007. Thanks to Justin Mansfield, Director of Operations, for your nice email and for confirming this KONG17 reception!

KRSA Petersburg AK 580

One of those nice little Alaskan stations heard during KONG17 was KRSA 580 AM in Petersburg. Thanks to Greg Lewis for confirming my 16 October 2007 reception in an email tonight!

KWSU Pullman WA 1250

My first QSL in years in Norwegian language: "Hei Arnstein, Tusen takk for rapporten!"
OK, the rest of the very nice email from Dennis Haarsager was written in English :-)
His grandparents were both born in Stadsbygd, quite close to where my parents were born. Dennis mailed the QSL card of KWSU 1250 AM today. Thank you, Dennis - I'm quite sure we'll stay in contact.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

KRLC Clarkston WA 1350

KRLC has been on my list for a while, and was finally heard on 17 October 2007 during KONG17. I have spent quite a lot of time on this date lately, examining my SDR-IQ recordins. Thanks to “Toe Tappin” Tommy Tucker, Program/Music Director, for a very nice email confirming my reception!

Monday, 28 January 2008

KRPL Moscow ID 1400

In just a few minutes Gary Cummings, General Manager of Inland Northwest Broadcasting in Moscow, Idaho, sent me a very nice letter as an attachment to an email. This was a beautiful confirmation of my 17 October 2007 (KONG17) reception of KRPL Moscow ID 1400. Thanks a lot, Gary!

KQNT Spokane WA 590

After a few attempts to different persons at Newstalk 590 KQNT, I received a very nice email tonight from Jerry Jensen of Clear Channel/Spokane, perfectly confirming my 15 and 22 (both KONG17) October 2007 reception. Jerry's grandfather came to the US from Tingvoll in Norway about 100 years ago. Tingvoll is about three hours by car from Trondheim, and I've been there several times.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

KVTK Vermillion SD 1570

15 October 2007 seems to have been a good day for stations from Dakota and Minnesota to reach Kongsfjord, and one of the stations I heard was "1570 The Ticket" - KVTK Vermillion SD 1570. Thanks to Kevin Culhane, President of Culhane Communications, for confirming this KONG17 reception and for giving me my MW QSL no. 500 from USA.

Monday, 21 January 2008

KQDJ Jamestown ND 1400

My North American "graveyard" QSL no. 80 arrived today, when I received an email from Program Director Gavin Kutz, confirming my 17 October 2007 (KONG17) reception of KQDJ Jamestown ND 1400.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

WKCU Corinth MS 1350

A very nice station to my collection today when I got this email from Jimmy Anderson, Station Manager at WKCU Corinth MS 1350. This station was an excellent catch during KONG17 (17 October 2007). Thanks, Jimmy!

Friday, 11 January 2008

KRTA Medford OR 610

"Thanks for listening", Director of Sales Brian Fraser wrote to me right after midnight, to confirm my KONG17 reception of "Radio Sensación". 610 kHz turned out to be a very interesting frequency during KONG17, with several nice stations heard in addition to Canadian power house CKYL in Peace River AB.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

KXMR Bismarck ND 710

EXPN 710 KXMR was a nice catch during KONG17, and tonight I received an email from Rick Anthony, Program Director, confirming my 16 October 2007 reception. Thanks!

Nationwide Radio, Hague 700

It was with really great pleasure I received my first QSL from Jamaica tonight!
Chris Benjamin, Marketing and Promotions Officer - Nationwide News Network, confirmed my 4 January 2008 (Lista) reception of Nationwide Radio. The station was heard most of the night between 4th and 5th January, despite heavy interference from the 12 kHz wide signal from BBC 693. "Breaking The Law" (Judas Priest) is what BBC is doing - their signal shouldn't be more than 9 kHz wide.

CKRW Whitehorse YT 610

Ron McFadyen, News Director CKRW, confirmed my reception of CKRW Radio Whitehorse tonight. Ron is a HAM (VY1RM & President Yukon Amateur radio Association) and has been with the station for a while: "CKRW is indeed on 610 AM and was put on the air in November of 1969 (I was at the mike the day the station was put on the air)". The station was heard on 18 October 2007 at KONG17.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

CX36 Radio Centenario, Montevideo 1250

Thanks a lot to Sandra Barón, Directora, for the very nice verification I received by email today, regarding my 29 September 2007 reception of CX36 Radio Centenario. The station was captured by my SDR-IQ at the island of Smøla, 3 hours south west of Trondheim.

Monday, 7 January 2008

KPJC Salem OR 1220

In a very nice email tonight, Janene Pendergrass, Office Manager at The JC Media Group, kindly confirmed my 14 October 2007 receiption of KPJC Salem OR 1220. I've been hunting this station, formerly named KCCS, the past few years.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

KYKN Keizer OR 1430

Another Oregon station found its way to my inbox when I received a short but correct email from Mike Frith, confirming my 17 October (KONG17 of course) reception of KYKN Keizer OR 1430 - probably one of the 'easiest' Oregon station I hadn't heard.

WFNN Erie PA 1330

The key to receiving confirmations by email is to know the right email address, and as soon as I got the email address to Mr. Charles G. Lelievre from one of my fellow Norwegian DX'ers I received a correct and informative email verification. Five photoes were attached as well. This was one of the first stations to be heard during KONG17 - on 13 October 2007.
Thank you so much, Charles G. Lelievre!

Newstalk ZB, Timaru 1152

Timaru on New Zealand's South Island is quite a distance from Kongsfjord in Arctic Norway, but nevertheless the signals of Newstalk ZB reached KONG17 from Timaru on 1152 kHz on 18 October 2007. Just as the Japanese station kept quiet for a few seconds, waiting for their time signal at 1300 UTC, the New Zealand station faded up and gave a clear ID:“Your news leader - Newstalk ZB”. Magic!
Thanks to Peter Everatt for confirming the reception of Newstalk ZB on 1152 kHz.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

KWBY Woodburn OR 940

Ronald J. Dot'o Sr. gave me my first QSL of 2008 by confirming my 17 October 2007 (KONG17) reception of "La Pantera 940".