Thursday, 26 April 2007

TGVE Radio VEA, Guatemala 1570

Email tonight from TGVE Radio VEA 1570, confirming my March 23 reception. I heard the station at a QTH named Jervan (semi-famous as "Järvanjokki"), 10 minutes from where I live, DX'ing from my car. Thanks to OJ Sagdahl for cooperation with antenna construcion!

Monday, 23 April 2007

WHKZ Warren OH 1440

My first NA QSL in weeks came today - a very nice email from Dave Johnson at WHKZ Warren OH 1440. He also attached a confirmation letter and three photos. Thank you, Dave, and good luck!
My NA QSL no. 50 from the KONG15 DXpedition, out of 52 reception reports sent.

On Saturday April 28th I also received a letter and some studio and antenna pictures via ordinary mail. Thanks again, Dave.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

CMKX Radio Bayamo, Entronque Bueycito 1150

My first verification from Cuba in years. I hadn't even heard about CMKX Radio Bayamo 1150 until I picked up the station during my visit to Smøla in March (11th March was a good day for LA DX), and I sent an email to the address found on their web last night. Tonight I received a nice email from Armando Yero La O, confirming my reception.

Friday, 20 April 2007

YVRP Radio El Sol, Maracaibo 1490

A month after I sent my air mail recport I received an email from Jiancarlo Rocca Michelangello, who is Gerente General at YVRP Radio El Sol, Maracaibo. The station was heard during my latest visit to Smøla and Rolf Torvik's DX paradise at Kalvøya. This was my QSL no. 50 from Venezuela!

Monday, 16 April 2007

XEHHI Radio Uno, Hidalgo del Parral (Chihuahua) 640

Tonight I got my QSL no. 450 from Latin America, which happened to be XEHHI Radio Uno, Hidalgo del Parral (Chihuahua) 640. Quite a nice station for this jubilee! Very nice email received from Hector Gabriel Lujan, who is both gerente and locutor at the station.
XEHHI was heard during KONG15 in October. This email arrived two months after I sent my letter to Hidalgo del Parral.
Thanks to Henrik Klemetz who made several phone calls to the station to be sure this was the "Radio Uno" I had heard, as two stations with this name were listed on 640.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

HIVP Radio Olímpica, La Vega 970

Thanks to Henrik Klemetz of Sweden and Dino Bloise of USA, I received a perfectly written QSL letter today from Edison Fernández, Director Programación at HIVP Radio Olímpica. I heard this Dominican Republic station during my first visit to Lista, in November 2005, and have been trying to get a QSL since then. The solution was to put detective Klemetz with his contacts on the case. Thanks a lot, guys!

LU6 Radio Atlántica, Mar del Plata 760

Very nice email this night from Héctor Mario Panasci, who runs the program Música de Nuestra Tierra which I heard during KONG15 last October. One morning this nice station was heard with an excellent signal, until conditions turned to North America again.

On Saturday April 14th I received a phone call from the station. They wantet to interview me live, and so they did. First a guy who talked English to me and Spanish to their listeners, and after the live session was over I also spoke to Héctor Mario Panasci.
Radio Atlántica is indeed a very nice radio station!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

LR6 Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires 790

After several attempts both by air mail and email I finally found a reply from LR6 Radio Mitre when I came home from a week in Lisboa. Thanks to Guillermo Tomás Chialvo, Gerente de Tecnología, for confirming my reception.