Friday, 30 August 2013

ZYH300 Rádio Clube, Parintins AM 1460

Rádio Clube de Parintins is one of those stations I've heard only once. This happened on March 22, 2003 - a morning of joy shared with my JRC/NRD-525G and with Rolf Torvik, at his DX paradise Kalvøya west of Smøla at the coast of mid Norway.
No response whatsoever to my inquiries for a QSL, until I found a new email address added to their web lately. Thank you so much, Amely Silva, for confirming my reception!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

WCCY Houghton MI 1400

There is still a lot of harvesting to do in my recordings from the glorious days this January. January 5, for instance, turns up to be a good day for hearing stations from Michigan, and a few days ago I found my third MI station on 1400 from that single day!

Thank you Ron Gnadinger for your enthusiasm and for your confirmation of my reception.

WDND South Bend IN 1620

Monday, 26 August 2013

KKXL Grand Forks ND 1440

To my pleasure I found KKXL on my recordings from October 30, 2012. This was an excellent day, and except from the glory days early January, October 30 was the best day for NA DX from Smøla the past season. KKXL was my fifteenth new station heard that day!
Thank you Pat McLean for confirming my reception of this most wanted station.

WKZO Kalamazoo MI 590

WKZO was heard on March 26, 2013, and today this station was my QSL no. 50 from Michigan.
Thank you OJ Sagdahl for alerting me on this station, and thank you both Dan Griffioen and Peter Tanz for confirming my reception.

Friday, 23 August 2013

XEQK Tropicalísima 13-50, México DF 1350

January 9, 2013 gave a few Mexicans, like XEUR Radio Fiesta 1530, and also XEQK Tropicalísima 13-50 which was a new one to me.
After some communication via Facebook, I received the most perfect email verification from Lic. Olivia Ortiz. She also attached three photos of the 'equipe'. Thank you!

Friday, 16 August 2013

ZYI691 Rádio Cidade Esperança, Esperança PB 1310

I heard Rádio Cidade Esperança on July 4, 2013, and today I received my first QSL ever via Twitter.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Radio Kiribati, Bairiki 1440

A nice email from Babera Marewenimakin - Bab - confirmed my October 21, 2011 reception of Radio Kiribati, which was heard with a nice and steady signal for more than two hours in Kongsfjord that day.

O.... Radio Primavera, Chiclayo 980

Luis Angel Manayay Llaguento just confirmed my February 9, 2012 reception of Radio Primavera in a Facebook chat. February last year was indeed a great month for hearing stations from Peru here.

Thanks a lot to Luis, and to Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) for his contact info.

Worth mentioning is that Radio Primavera is my QSL no. 100 from Peru!

ZYK272 Rádio Tupanci, Pelotas RS 1250

I heard Rádio Tupanci on July 7, 2011, and have been working since to get this reception confirmation. Thanks a lot to Eduardo Torres Echenique for the verification via Facebook, and to JPR for Eduardo's contact info. Eduardo doesn't work for Rádio Tupanci any more, but he still did when I heard the station.