Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Voice of Nevis, Charlestown 895

Very nice letter by air mail from VON Radio, Charletown 895, came during my holidays. The letter was written and signed by Michelle Rodriques, Junior Radio Announcer/News Reporter on this lovely radio station. "Mr. Bue, we are impressed by your report, as it is for the most part accurate. We thank you for listening to the VON Radio, The Power House of the Eastern Caribbean [...]". They also sent me a hurricane map.

This verification was most wanted, and it's my QSL no. 40 from Latin America this year making 2007 my best season ever regarding LA DX!


Unknown said...

Glad to hear that Arnstein. You must be so proud. D.O. from Nevis

Arnstein Bue said...

Thanks a lot for you comment here as well :-)