Tuesday 6 September 2011

ZYN210 Rádio Vitoriosa, Uberlândia MG 1390

Last week I examined a recording from July 19, finding an interesting signal from Brazil on 1390 kHz. The signal was good, but I heard no regular ID - just an announcement mentioning "1390". I sent a mp3 to Henrik Klemetz asking for help, and it didnt' take more than minutes until Henrik came back with the solution: the announcement was for a show named "Noite Vitoriosa".
Their web site - www.redevitoriosa.com.br - came up with a lot of contact info, and today I received an email from Paulo Azevedo, kindly confirming my reception.

This was my QSL #50 from Latin America in 2011. Thank you Paulo - and Henrik!

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Leonardo Gobbi said...


We are happy with it. We will send somethings of Rádio 1390 for you.
You are ouer listener.

listening www.radiovitotiosa.com.br

Leonardo Gobbi
Finance Manager at Rádio Vitoriosa