Tuesday, 27 February 2007

4RO Rockhampton QLD 990

My 18th MW Australian arrived tonight - 4RO "The Voice of Central Queensland" in Rockhampton, Queensland.
Rockhampton is "The Beef Capital" of Australia, and is located just 40km from the Pacific Ocean, north of Brisbane.
It was a tremendous pleasure hearing this station during the fabulous KONG15 DXpedition, and an even greater pleasure to discover the station ID on my recording just a couple of weeks ago.

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camper said...

Hi from Rockhampton Qld Australia
We are living in Rockhampton and been here for about 15 years . I have done Dx' ing years ago From Townsville and Gladstone but not worried about it for a few years now. Spent more time with other pasttimes Camping with our Group takes up most of my spare time and work as well.
I saw your Blog site when scanning through for Rockhampton news or infomation.

I have heard, they say that the C B site of radio is to be banned . Not sure if this is correct or nay

Well bye from "Rockhampton" blog