Wednesday, 12 December 2012

WWWL New Orleans LA 1350

In the morning of November 6, 2012 I heard sports and an announcement for WWL when I was listening to 1350 AM. I sent an email to New Orleans to ask if this possibly could be WWWL. The first reply turned my hopes down, but two days later they came back to me with this:
"I have some good news for you.  I have researched this some more and found the true answer.  On Monday November 5th we had a lot of different programs to juggle on the air and had to switch around some of our programming to other stations.  This night was the only night that Monday Night Football was broadcast on WWWL-1350-AM and the news that followed that broadcast is what you heard in Norway.  I am pleased to report to you the recording you sent me was in fact from 1350-AM in New Orleans.  The voices heard were our Saints play by play man Jim Henderson and our news reporter Shana Rose.  Further, this is a remarkable feat as 1350-AM is only 5,000 watts and after dark it is changed to a directional signal pointing south."
Jim McCutcheon is my man in the Big Easy!

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