Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WTDR Gadsden AL 1350

Less than 30 minutes after I heard WWWL, I also picked up WTDR on 1350 AM on November 6, 2012. Both were indeed most wanted! James C. Burton, Operations Manager/Production Director,  writes: "Yes, what you heard was in fact WTDR 1350 AM. Funny thing is, had you listened before October, you would have heard something completely different. We were airing a News Talk format until 10/5, then we began simulcasting an FM station out of Oxford (Thunder 92.7). As you can see below we have two other AM stations, and there is actually a third station (1490 AM) which is what 104.3 and 99.1 are simulcasting off of. I'd never actually heard of DX'ing until I received this email and Googled it, and that is really cool that you can pick us up! Let me know if you can pick up any of our other stations".

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