Tuesday, 12 June 2012

OAM7L Radio Solar, Espinar 1440

In the happy old days you could listen to Radio Luxembourg on 1439/1440 at night. Nowadays you can hear radio stations from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Dominican Republic or Nicaragua on 1440 kHz in the spring and summer.
Come on - you can't claim to be a DX-er and still miss Radio Lux :-)
I couldn't find any stations of interest on the mediumwave band on July 30, 2011, except from a signal from Peru on the split frequency of 1440,248 - "... Radio Solar, Radio Solar ...".
To my surprise I received an email tonight from Prof. Narcisco Chacca Choque, who is Director General, with a confirmation of this reception!
Check out their blog at http://radiosolarespinar.blogspot.no/

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