Monday 11 June 2012

CX28 Radio Imparcial, Montevideo 1090

I heard Radio Imparcial once when I was living in Molde in my glory days in the mid 80'ies, but only with the tail of their ID: "... República Oriental del Uruguay". I believe this was before BBC established their powerful transmitters on 1089 kHz, making 1090 a very hard frequency on the west coast of Norway ever since.

But I heard Radio Imparcial again - on April 25, 2012, when this nice Montevideo station had a loud and clear signal for a few minutes. I heard a part of a programme called "Amigo en la Madrugada" from Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios, aired daily from 23 to 03. Radio Imparcial was founded in 1939, and has a power of 15 kW. Thanks a lot to Julio Termezana for this wonderful confirmation.

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Julter en la web said...

Bienvenido amigo! Saludos de Radio Imparcial. Montevideo - Uruguay