Thursday, 10 January 2013

WFLI Lookout Mountain TN 1070

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness and helpfulness of Jeff Gregory (WA4HLV) at WFLI!

Jeff confirms my January 4, 2013 reception this way: "It was a very hard copy, but after listening to the audio clip about 20 times, there is, as you said, a "WFLI" about 20 seconds in. By the rhythm it was said, I believe it was our announcer Carl Human. You heard us at 2229Z, which was the very last minute we were on 50,000 watts that day. In the month of January, we drop to 2500 watts at sunset at 2230Z and shift our directional pattern to the southeast."
"WFLI has been on the air in Chattanooga since the year 1961. It was built by Mr. Billy Benns, who was an expert on directional AM. WFLI was the top station in the market in the 1960s with a rock and roll format. The Benns family still owns the station today; and the format is a mix of religion, politics, news, sports, talk, music, and infomercials."

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