Friday, 6 July 2012

ZYJ253 Rádio Mais, São José dos Pinhais PR 1120

Unlike recent summer periods, when 1120 kHz used to be covered by the strong signal from Rádio Rural, 1120 kHz has been an exciting frequency for hearing Latin Americans this year. I have heard CW31 Radio Salto several times, and also two other Brazilian stations:
  • ZYI778 Rádio Relógio Musical (1119,887) on May 2
  • ZYJ253 Rádio Mais on June 11
Today I received this most friendly email from Moisés Dias Reinhardt confirming my reception of Rádio Mais. He also attached four files (pdf, ppt, jpg and mp3), among them this logo. Obrigado!  

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