Tuesday, 18 October 2011

KMNS Sioux City IA 620

A very nice email from Scott Miller confirmed my October 30, 2010 reception of KMNS:

"-Arnstein, that is most definately our Legal ID. It's amazing that you were able to pick up our 1,000 watt radio station so far away! From now on, we will make sure to also cover some Norwegian sports scores, just in case you're listening...
The metropolitan Sioux City area actually covers three states. The lagest portion of the city is in Iowa, but it also extends into South Dakota (North Sioux City) and into Nebraska (South Sioux City). Strangely, North Sioux City South Dakota, is actually west of Sioux City, Iowa. Apparently the first settlers weren't very clear with their directions... Overall, it is home to approximately 125,000 people.
More history/facts can be found here, if you're interested http://www.siouxcityhistory.org/home.html"

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