Tuesday, 23 March 2010

KANA Anaconda MT 580

Another phone call was made to Montana, and I spoke to Joe Frankland. I got his email address and sent my reception report right away, and after finishing his on-air shift he kindly replied to me: "That is definitely KANA. I'm surpised. KANA it not a high power station, and I can't tune it in with most normal radio tuners more than 30 miles from the transmitter." Mighty 580 was heard in Kongsfjord on November 19, 2009.

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gary H said...

Greetings from Montana. I live 26 miles from KANA. KANA is owned by Butte Broadcasting of Butte, MT and is very close to its sister station KBOW which is at 550 AM. For many years KANA was required to leave the air at sunset. With the new FCC rules it is allowed to broadcast at night. If you want to see its transmitter facilities, I would recommend www.montanavision.com as a website. Its shows the transmitter sites of many broadcasters in MT. Enjoy

Gary H Butte, MT.