Wednesday, 22 July 2009

CX22 Radio Universal, Montevideo 970

June 3, 2009, gave a very good signal from Montevideo on 970 kHz, a frequency usually dominated by the Argentinian and sometimes by the Paraguayan station. Now I could easily pick up a clear “En el aire, 970 AM. En el mundo, Radio Universal ...”.
A very nice email in English from José Vargues confirmed my reception:
Dear Arnstein,
I have heard your mp3 file, about reception of CX22 Radio Universal, from Montevideo, Uruguay, and I confirm to you that it is really a good reception of our broadcasting signal.
CX22 Radio Universal is operating at 970 KHz, with a 20 KW Continental Electronics transmitter and a quarter wave folded monopole antenna.
It is located in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Have a great day!!!

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