Sunday 14 December 2008

ZYJ455 Rádio Tupi, Rio de Janeiro 1280

A very nice and interesting letter in English confirmed my 7 September 2008 reception of Rádio Tupi:

"Dear Mr. Bue : best regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
I do confirm your reception of Radio Tupi in Norway, Trondheim City, while we broadcasted "Super Madrugada Tupi", with Fernando Sergio as the anchorman.

The reception is very good, indeed. Better than we pick at Downton Rio de Janeiro - Strong noise fields generated by the buildings, eletric lines, computers, cars, etc...

I am sendig to you some attachments: photos of Tupi-AM allowed daylight RF field, of our Harris DX-100 transmitter, of our two towers at the transmitter site, a reference map in the Google Maps and a Corcovado Mountain photo, with the statue of Christ Redemptor in the cume with the moon behind - it is not photoshop, it happens one day each year.

Brazil has around 1.500 AM stations and 2.500 FM stations as conventional stations and more than 5.000 LPFM - or "communitarian stations".

I hope these informations are helpfull for you and all we wish to you and your fammily a Happy Christmas and a Very Good New Year.

With our best regards,

Jose Claudio Barbedo(Formiga)
Technical Manager
Tupi Radio Network
Rio de Janeiro"

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