Tuesday, 9 September 2008

CP.. Radio Encuentro, Sucre 920

22 August 2008 was a great day for listening to South American radio stations, and 920 seems to be a very exciting frequency this season. 920 was where I heard my first station ever from Bolivia on mediumwave - exactly 30 1/2 years after I started with this fantastic hobby.
The station was heard giving an ID with a nice signal. Late last night I received two emails from Jose Antonio Enriquez S. The first one had a link to an electronic post card, the second one contained a confirmation letter and also a 5 min 22 sec long recording of a programme where they read my letter and played my MP3 recording on the air! A very fascinating verification indeed, and certainly one of my best QSLs ever.

Muchas gracias, Jose Antonio!

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