Tuesday, 17 June 2008

KVIN Ceres CA 920

22 October 2007 was a fantastic day for listening to North American AM stations in Kongsfjord, and a few days ago I found a station identification sounding like "KVIN" when I listened to a 920 recording.
Jim Bryan, General Manager / Owner, confirmed my reception this way:

"I have received your reception report of October 22, 2007, and can confirm that KVIN was broadcasting at the time, and I can make out our announcer saying "KVIN" on your mp3 recording. [...] This is the longest distance reception report we have had in the 10 years I've owned and managed KVIN."

He also attached a coverage map and a format sheet. Thanks a lot for your attention, Jim!

To the best of my knowledge this station is previously unheard in the Nordic countries, and it should be one of my best from KONG17. And I'm still far from having examined all my recordings from that day ...

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