Friday, 21 September 2007

YVKJ Radio María Venezuela, Caracas 1450

I received a very nice email last night from Pedro R. Moreno, Presidente, confirming my reception of YVKJ Radio María Venezuela 1450 which I heard in August at my parents' summer residence in Rissa.

Muchas gracias, Pedro!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

JODO BSN Niigata Hoso, Joetsu 1530

The 1 kW BSN outlet on 1530 kHz was also heard during fantastic conditions to Japan on 15 October 2005 (KONG13). I received a perfect QSL card for this transmitter as well.

JODR BSN Niigata Hoso, Niigata 1116

QSLs via air mail QSL don't come easy any more, but today I received an extremly nice letter from the technology director of Broadcasting System of Niigata (BSN). He confirms my reception of JODR BSN Niigata Hoso, Niigata 1116. A perfect QSL card was enclosed, and he also returned the USD I had sent.

Friday, 14 September 2007

KBMS Vancouver WA 1480

QSL no. 47 from the state of Washington came today when I received a nice email from Angela Jenkins, Station Manager of KBMS Wancouver WA 1480. Thanks, Angela, and welcome back from your holidays!

XEP Radio Trece, Ciudad Juárez 1300

This night I received a very nice email from Darìo Gonzàlez in Ciudad Juárez, confirming my 13 October 2003 reception of XEP Radio Trece. I sent a reminder a few days ago after my good friend OJ Sagdahl received a confirmation. Thanks to both of you, OJ and Darìo!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

CX12 Radio Oriental, Montevideo 770

Very nice email tonight from Leonardo Silvera, Coordinador de Programación, confirming my 7 September 2007 reception of CX12 Radio Oriental, Montevideo 770. I heard the station with an excellent quality on a DXpedition to the famous island of Smøla (Kalvøya) last week end. Leonardo says they also will send me a formal verification and some photos via mail. What a nice radio station!

Monday, 10 September 2007

YVSM Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Barcelona 1310

Dual email today from Freddy R. Santos, Asistente de Producción, confirming my reception of YVSM Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Barcelona 1310, which has become quite a regular station here in Norway after NRK closed down their powerful and 'dirty' transmitter at Kvitsöy. Thanks to Freddy for the confirmation and to fellow DX'er Arild Skalmeraas for the information!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

DYTR Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corp., Tagbilaran City 1116

On Saturday I received a very nice email from Evangeline C. Bumat confirming my 21 October 2006 (KONG15) reception of DYTR 1116 AM. She's giving some nice and useful information on the station:
"Just recently, we have our victory party because in the latest survey conducted by a reputable institution in our place, DYTR 1116 AM comes out no. 1 provincewide. This is our first time in many years. Our 91.1 FM station is also consistent no.1 in two years now. To further strengthen and widen our signal reach and audienceshare,both our AM & FM transmitter are now undergoing total rehabilitation."
Vangie - thank you for this very nice confirmation, and I do look forward to receiving the acknowledgement card or letter as well.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

KTEL Walla Walla WA 1490

Randy L. McKone, VP/General Manager of Capps Broadcast Group, kindly confirmed my 18 October 2006 (KONG15) reception of KTEL Walla Walla WA 1490 today.